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Aluminum Anode

Aluminum Anode

Aluminum anode is used as a part of a technique called cathodic protection (CP). The aluminum sacrificial anode is also a conductive rod that is attached to metal structures or installed into metal devices. This part is used to reduce corrosion in metal objects including buildings, structures, and home appliances like water heaters. With more than 12 years' research history and production experience, Corroco is the only researcher and manufacturer for HP and HT aluminum anodes in the world. Our high potential aluminum anode adopts exclusive technology and chemical composition. The aluminum anode can be widely applied to high-temperature area platform, oil-water separator, heat exchanger, boiler, high-temperature pipeline, etc. Aluminum sacrificial anodes have several advantages, such as lighter weight and much higher capacity than zinc anodes.

Chemical Compositions of Cast Aluminum Anode:
1. CA-I   General Aluminum Alloy Anode
2. CA-II   High Performance Aluminum Sacrificial Anode
3. CA-III  High Activation Aluminum Anode
4. CA-IV  High Temperature Resistance Aluminum Alloy Anode
5. CA-V   High Potential Aluminum Anode

Type Zn % In % Cd % Sn % Mg % Ti % Imp Al %
 Si %  Fe%  Cu%
CA-I (Al-Zn-In) 3.5-5 0.02-0.05         0.1max 0.09max 0.006max Balance
CA-II (Al-Zn-In-Mg-Ti) 4.0-7.0 0.02-0.05     0.50-1.5 0.01-0.08 0.1max 0.09max 0.001max Balance
CA-III-A (Al-Zn-In-Sn) 2.5-5.2 0.02-0.045   0.018- 0.035     0.1max 0.09max 0.006max Balance
CA-III-B (Al-Zn-In-Si) 5.5-7.0 0.025-0.035         0.10-0.15 0.09max 0.006max Balance
CA-III-C (Al-Zn-In-Sn-Mg) 2.5-4.0 0.02-0.05   0.025- 0.075 0.5-1.0   0.1max 0.09max 0.006max Balance
CA-IV (Al-Zn-In-Cd) 2.5-4.5 0.018-0.05 0.005-0.02       0.1max 0.09max 0.006max Balance
CA-V (High Potential Al Anode)                    

Electrochemical Properties of Aluminum Sacrificial Anode:

Type Open Circuit voltage (-V) Closed Circuit Voltage (-V) Actual Capacitance A. H/KG Efficiency % min
CA-I 1.10-1.18 1.05-1.12 2450min 90min
CA-II 1.10-1.18 1.05-1.10 2600min 94min
CA-III-A 1.10-1.18 1.05-1.10 2450min 90min
CA-III-B 1.10-1.18 1.05-1.10 2450min 90min
CA-III-C 1.10-1.18 1.05-1.10 2450min 90min
CA-IV 1.10-1.18 1.05-1.12 2450min 90min
CA-V 1.45-1.50 1.40-1.45 2080min 75min

Parameters of Aluminum Anode:
Al Anode for Tank:

Model Dimension MM Lx(Top Width + Bottom Width)× H Weight KG
CAT-1 500×(115+130) ×130 23
CAT-2 800×(56+74) ×65 10
CAT-3 800×(58+64) ×60 9
CAT-4 250×(80+100) ×85 5
CAT-5 200×(70+90) ×7 3

Al Anode for Hull:

Model Dimension L×W×H (mm) Weight KG
CAH-1 800×140×57 16
CAH-2 800×140×40 12
CAH-3 600×120×50 10
CAH-4 500×100×40 5.5
CAH-5 400×100×40 4.0
CAH-6 300×100×40 3.0
CAH-7 300×150×40 5.0
CAH-8 390×120×50 6.5

Al Anode for Dock and Offshore Projects:

Model Dimension Lx(Top Width + Bottom Width) × H Weight KG
CAD-4 500×(105+135) ×100 16
CAD-5 1500×(170+200) ×180 130
CAD-6 2300×(220+240) ×230 310
CAD-7 900×(150+170) ×160 58
CAD-8 800×(200+280) ×150 80
CAD-9 1250×(115+135) ×130 56
CAD-10 420×(160+180) ×170 32
CAD-11 1600×(200+210) ×220 190

ZZ Industrial (shanghai) Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of aluminum anode in China. In addition to this aluminum sacrificial anode, we are also engaged in producing magnesium anode, zinc anode, pure iron anode, etc. Our products have been exported to the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, Iran, Pakistan, India, Kuwait, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Congo, Turkey, etc. They are well received by customers.

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