CP Wire and Cable

CP Wire and Cable

CP wire and cable is mainly used in impressed current cathodic protection system. This insulated cathodic protection cable has excellent electrical properties, mechanical properties, heat aging properties, strong resistance to environmental stress and chemical corrosivity. CP wire and cable is of low water absorption and simple structure. Besides, this insulated cathodic protection cable is easy to use. There is no limit of head drop during the cable laying. The primary insulation layer is Polyvinylidenfluoride (PVDF) and the outer sleeve (the secondary insulation) layer is High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMWPE). PVDF or HMWPE cables are extensively used in the cathodic protection system of highly corrosive environment.

Conditions of CP Wire and Cable:

Temperature 0℃- 80℃
PH 1-8
Cl up to 31000ppm
PH (Chlorine Gas, Offshore) 1-8
Water Velocity Offshore up to 1.5m per second

Design and Test of This Insulated Cathodic Protection Cable:
ICEA-S-95-658, IEC60502-1, IEC60228
Voltage Rating: 600-1000V

Construction of CP Wire and Cable:
1. Standard circular or shaped copper conductor
2. PVDF core insulation, HMWPE outer sheath

Specifications of This Insulated Cathodic Protection Cable:

Cable Size PVDF Thickness HMWPE Thickness No of Strands(min)
1x10 0.51 1.65 7
1x16 0.51 1.65 7 or 19
1x25 0.51 1.65 19
1x35 0.51 1.65 19
1x70 0.76 1.65 19

Insulation Specifications of CP Wire and Cable:

Type Specification
PVDF Tensile Break Strength  4500 PSI min
Break Elongation 50%min
Flexural Strength    8600 PSI min
Resistivity  2x 1014 ohm-cm min
Dielectric Constant  8.0 min. at 100 HZ
HMWPE Color    Black  
Density 0.94 g/cm3 min  
ASTM D1248 Type 3, Class C. IEC 60502-1

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