Graphite Anode

Graphite Anode

Graphite is a good conductor of electricity, which is low in cost and chemically resistant. Graphite anode is a conductive part of an electrical system or medium. It is commonly used in cathodic protection (CP) systems. This impressed current anode is also used to protect the structural integrity of buildings and metals, especially those that are underwater or underground. Within a CP system, the graphite anode is the part that outputs the protective current. They can be installed in dry soil conditions and water or wet environments. They can also provide cathodic protection when installed within high chloride environments. CORROCO graphite anodes are manufactured in accordance with standards of chemistry, production control, testing and certification. This impressed current anode is widely used in soil, seawater, sea mud, etc. According to customers' requests, our anodes are impregnated by linseed oil or by wax in order to protect the anode from moisture.

Graphite anodes can be supplied in following form:
1. Rod, without processing
2. Rod, hole prepared for connection
3. End connection
4. Center connection

Parameters of This Impressed Current Anode:

Bulk Density (g/cm) Apparent Porosity (%) Grain Size (mm) Ash (%) Sulphur (%) Specific Resistance (Ohms/mm sq)
1.65min 5max 1.5max 0.16max 0.01max 8.6
Type Diameter Length Weight
CG-01 3 inch 30 inch 13 lbs
CG-02 4 inch 40 inch 35 lbs
CG-03 3 inch 60 inch 27 lbs
CG-04 4 inch 80 inch 70 lbs

ZZ Industrial (shanghai) Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of graphite anode in China. In addition to this impressed current anode, we also produce silicon iron anode, MMO anode, flexible anode, galvanic anode, cathodic protection accessory, etc. With 12 years' production experience, our products have been exported to the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, Iran, Pakistan, India, Kuwait, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Congo, Turkey, etc.

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