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Cathodic protection (CP) is a kind of electrochemical protection technology. The cathodic protection (galvanic protection) is used to exert an impressed current on the metal surface, make it work as a cathode of an electrochemical cell, thus control the electronic migration of metal corrosion, and avoid or weaken the corrosion. Corroco cathodic protection mainly includes galvanic anode, impressed current anode, extruded anode for water heater, cathodic protection accessory (galvanic protection accessory).

Cathodic protection technology is a kind of electrochemical protection technology. The principle is to exert an impressed current on the metal surface. Protected structure becomes cathodic, thus makes the electronic migration of metal be suppressed, and avoids or weakens the corrosion. Our cathodic protection accessory mainly includes brazing pin, CP wire and cable, test station, junction box, reference electrode and transformer rectifier. CORROCO supplies a wide range of cathodic protection accessories. Your local representative can assist in specifying and then supplying the right components for your project, and focusing on the ideal cathodic protection system to meet your application. We constantly search the latest technology to ensure the quality of cathodic protection accessory.

The anode rod is the most important factor to determine the life of your water heater. A water heater anode rod is a steel core wire surrounded with one of three different metals. These metals include aluminum, magnesium and zinc. The rod is screwed into the top of your water heater and protects your water heater from rusting. When the tank is filled with water, the water heater anode rod sacrifices itself to protect the exposed steel of the water heater through electrolysis. Electrolysis happens when there are two pieces of metals connected inside water heater. The process makes the anode rod corrode rather than the exposed steel in your water heater. Aluminum, magnesium and zinc will corrode before the steel. It is the reason why they are used for water heater anode rods.CORROCO is capable of providing various kinds of high-quality anode rods (including casting anode and extruded anode) to meet different customers' needs. They are widely used for cathodic protection in water heaters.

Hydrometallurgical electrode is metal mineral raw materials (in the acidic medium or alkaline medium aqueous solution in chemical processing or organic solvent) extraction, separation and purification, impurity, extraction metal and its compound process. It is suitable for low grade ore. Hydrometallurgy is favorable to the environment protection. The production process is easy to realize with continuous automation. The process essence of hydrometallurgical electrode is to meet the demands of production, control the stability of substance and to realize the separation and extraction of metal from the aqueous solution.

Hydrometallurgy is a method for obtaining metals from their ores. It is a technique within the field of extractive metallurgy involving the use of aqueous chemistry for the recovery of metals from ores, concentrates, and recycled or residual materials. The complement to hydrometallurgy is pyrometallurgy, which is usually older technology. It is typically divided into three general areas: leaching, solution concentration and purification and metal recovery. Our hydrometallurgical equipment mainly includes the rectifier transformer, induction furnace, casting machine, rotary kiln, etc.

Metallurgical engineering is a sub-field of materials engineering that focuses on using steel and other metals to create new products and materials. It is a broad field that deals with all sorts of metal-related areas. It includes three main branches: physical metallurgy, extractive metallurgy and mineral processing. Metallurgical engineers extract, refine, and recycle metals. They solve many metallurgical engineering problems such as reducing corrosion, maintaining heat levels, and increasing the strength of a product. They help develop or improve metals that are used in healthcare, in transportation, in defense, and in the entertainment industry. Metallurgy technology is to extract metal and metal compounds from ores, then to use all sorts of methods to make ...

Corroco's joint venture--Hunan Precise Fluid Equipment Co, Ltd, is a high-tech professional manufacturer and supplier of high-quality water valves. It is also engaged in researching, designing, producing, sales and technical services of related fluid equipments. We have 5 series hydrovalves: control valve, needle valve, fixed cone discharge valve, butterfly valves and ball valve. The nominal diameter varies from 50 to 3000mm and the nominal pressure varies from 0.25 to 10.0MPa. With strong technical force and advanced design system, our company has applied for two national patents (201020285628.8, 201120165147.8) and our water valves have obtained the ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification.

CORROCO's joint venture-High Tech Co (CORROCO invests 30%) is engaged in the business of heat treatment and machining. We adopt advanced machines from Japan Company (Nachi, Okuma) and German company (Chiron) to produce high quality parts, such as auto gearbox parts, motorcycle parts, splined shaft, internal spline, pulley axle and belt axle, armature piece, flange, magnetic shell, joint axis, connecting rod, etc. Besides, we also produce cathodic protection, anode rod for water heater, hydrometallurgical electrode, hydrometallurgical equipment, metallurgy technology & engineering, water valve, and so on. Our products have gained the certification of GB/T19001-2000 standard, ISO9001 and T/S16949 quality management .