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Metallurgy Technology & Engineering

Metallurgy Technology & Engineering

CORROCO has a number of experienced experts of Zinc mineral processing, metallurgical engineering and metallurgy technology. They can provide complete metallurgical R&D service, construction engineering and corresponding equipments for Zn bearing ore's pretreatment, leaching, purification, electrowinning and casting.

We can supply the following metallurgy technology and metallurgical engineering products in Zn industry:

Technology and Products in Zn Industry:
1. General design of a Zn smelter (technical design and plant layout).
2. Mineral processing to separate ZnS from ZnO/ZnS ores
3. Researching of Zn metallurgy process and full set of process flow
4. Engineering (including equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning)
5. Low grade ZnO ore enrichment by Rotary Kiln and Cl/F removing by multi-hearth furnace
6. Electrolyte purification by Zn alloy powder
7. Comprehensive utilization of various wasted residue to recover valuable metals such as Co/Pb/Mn/Ni/Zn/Cu/Cd
8. We provide high quality Pb alloy rolled anodes and Al cathodes for Zn EW, and technical instruction of their utilization to guarantee the performance.
9. Induction furnace for Zn melting to increase Zn direct recovery rate to over 97.5% and improve the working condition

ZZ Industrial (shanghai) Co.,Ltd is a professional supplier of metallurgical engineering and metallurgy technology in China. In addition, we are also engaged in producing anode rod for water heater, hydrometallurgical electrode, hydrometallurgical equipment, water valve, machining and parts, etc. With strong technology and rich experience in nonferrous industry, CORROCO can provide completed solution for your requirements in Zn/Co metallurgy.

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