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External Casing Anode

Magnesium Anode

Application of Magnesium Sacrificial Anode:
The magnesium anode is characterized by small density, big theory electric capacity, low potential negative polarization rate and large driving voltage for iron and steel (> 0.6 V). Magnesium sacrificial anode is suitable for the protection of metal components in soil and water, where the electrical resistivity is higher. Our magnesium anode is mainly used for anticorrosion of buried pipelines, onshore platforms, huge boilers and steel structures.

Chemical Composition of Alloy (%)

Grade Mg Al Zn Mn Si Cu Ni Fe Other impurities (max)
(max) (max) (max) (max) Each Total
MGAZ31B Balance 2.5-3.5 0.6-1.4 0.2-1.0 0.08 0.01 0.001 0.003 0.05 0.30
Grade Al Zn In Cd Si Cu Fe Other impurities (max)
(max) (max) (max) Each Total
AlZnInCd Balance 2.5-4.5 0.018-0.050 0.005-0.020 0.10 0.10 0.15 0.02 0.10

  Electrochemical Properties

    Grade   Open-circuit voltage   (-v respect to Cu/CuSO4) Closed-circuit voltage   (-v respect to Cu/CuSO4) Actual capacity       (Ah/kg) Current efficiency       % (Cu/CuSO4)
MGAZ31B 1.57-1.67 1.47-1.57 ≥1210 ≥55
  Grade Open-circuit voltage   (-v respect to Ag/AgCl) Closed-circuit voltage   (-v respect to Ag/AgCl) Actual capacity       (Ah/kg) Current efficiency       % (Ag/AgCl)
AlZnInCd 1.10-1.18 1.05-1.12 ≥2400 ≥85


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