Junction Box

Junction Box

Electrical junction box is a device containing the wiring junctions, which allow the wiring in the house or public building to interface with the main power supply. The junction box is more practical than the exposed electrical wires. This box is an integral part of a circuit protection system. The installation of the fireproofing around the incoming or outgoing cables must be extended to cover the electrical junction box, which can prevent short circuits inside the box during an accidental fire. Usually constructed with the use of metal or hard plastic, the general appearance of the junction box is either a square or rectangular design. In many houses, the box is usually recessed into a wall with only the front panel open to view. The real value of the electrical junction box is to provide a degree of protection for the wiring interface at various junction points. There is usually a safety switch that allows the connections within the box to be shut down in an emergency. The life of a typical junction box can be measured in decades. However, if the original wiring remains in good condition, it does not have to be replaced continually.

Applications of Junction Box:
Junction box can be used as anode junction/control/monitoring boxes, negative junction/ control/monitoring boxes, bond boxes, terminal boxes, monitoring/distribution boxes, equipotential boxes, etc.

Specifications of Electrical Junction Box:

  Enclosure Hazardous or Non Hazardous
Location and Ambient conditions
Indoor or outdoor, ambient temperature, location i.e. coastal or offshore
Enclosure Material Stainless steel, GRP, Zinc painted steel, Aluminium, Plastic
Internal Components Resistors/Shunts/Diodes/Metals/Switches/Link/Fuses/Terminals/Test Sockets
Number of Inputs and Outputs 1 x input 50mm2 XLPE/PVC, 5 x output 16mm2 XLPE/PVC
1 x input 25mm2 XLPE/PVC, 5 x output 10mm2 XLPE/PVC
Type of Entry Conduit hubs or glands
Additional Requirements Enclosure canopy, padlock lockable toggle clamps

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