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Casting Anode Rod

  • Casting Magnesium Anode RodCathodic protection (CP) is a kind of electrochemical protection technology. The cathode protection (galvanic protection) is used to exert an impressed current on the metal surface, make it work as a cathode of an electrochemical cell, thus control the electronic migration of metal corrosion, and avoid or weaken the corrosion. Corroco cathodic protection mainly ...

Casting anode rod for water heater is a kind of water heater anode. It mainly includes casting magnesium anode rod for water heater. Cast anode rods are used for safe corrosion protection of water storage heaters. ZZ Industrial (shanghai) Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of casting anode rods in China. We mainly supply casting magnesium anode rod for water heater. We are also engaged in producing extruded anode rod for water heater, hydrometallurgical electrode, hydrometallurgical equipment, metallurgy technology and engineering, water valve, machining and parts, etc. With powerful electrochemistry and smelting manufacturing experts and 12 years' production experience, our casting anode rods have been exported to the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, Iran, Pakistan, India, Kuwait, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Congo, Turkey, etc.