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Conductive Polymer Flexible Anode

Conductive Polymer Flexible Anode

Conductive polymer flexible anode uses a long line of successive secondary anode and conductive polymer as its basic material. This flexible anode can not only solve the problem of the old pipeline cathodic protection, but also settle some technology difficulties of some traditional cathodic protection, such as the interference from external structures, application problems in environments with high resistance rates, current distribution problems in tank bottom, and so on. Conductive polymer flexible anode has many advantages, such as current distribution, low energy consumption, long lifetime. This flexible anode has become a new important technology both at home and abroad.

Specifications of Conductive Polymer Flexible Anode:

Technical Parameters TB39-52
Anode Diameter 39±2mm
Conductive Polymer Average Thickness ≥4mm
Conductive Polymer Volume Resistance 1.5Ω.cm
In the 1mol/L Sulfuric Acid Solution, 50 Times of the Normal Current for Electrolysis Experiment ≥14 days
Put the 0.2 Meter Sample into the Nacl Solution Whose Quality Percentage is 3%, Add 40mA Current, Test for a Month Consumption of coke breeze is 3% of radius of the visible inlet ring
Output Current (Max) 1500mA/m
Anode Design Life ≥40 years
Content of Coke Breeze Filler ≥ 98%
Coke Breeze Resistance ≤0.55 Ω·cm
Fabric Jacket Tube  Anticorrosion, permeable
Fabric Jacket Mesh Wearproof, anti environmental temperature variability
Anode Weight ≥1.3kg/m
Anode Length (Each Unit) 500m(or made to order)

Compositions of Conductive Polymer Flexible Anode:

Material Environment Testing Item Typical Value
Copper Wire 20℃ resistance 1.55×10¯³Ω∕m
Conductive Polymer 23℃ resistance rate 1.5Ω.cm
23℃ tensile strength 13
23℃ rupture and elongation rate 350
Coke Packing Layer 23℃ resistance rate 0.5Ω.㎝
   carbon content 99.5%
Acid and Alkali Proof Weaving Layer 23℃ rupture intensity 980N
Wear Proof Weaving Web   In different electrolyte environments for 6 months Tensile strength changes less than 20 %

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