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Model B11 Sleeve Valve

Model B11 Sleeve Valve

Corroco model B-11 sleeve valve is designed to provide superior valve performance for atmospheric or submerged discharge in flow control and pressure reduction applications. Its typical applications are turbine bypass, reservoirs discharge, ground water recharge and accurate adjustment and control of flow. This submerged type sleeve valve dissipates energy and controls flow by diverting the water through multiple orifices located within the sleeve and discharging to atmosphere or body of water. It modulates flow by sliding one pipe called the gate over another pipe called the sleeve. This submerged type sleeve valve can also be widely applied to the pipelines for water supply, water diversion, water power station and circulating water. Immerged in the stilling pool, it functions as drain valve to regulate the pipe water flow, reduce pressure and dissipate energy.

Technical Characteristics of Model B11 Sleeve Valve:
1. The water valve is featured with submerged layout.
2. It has the function of linear adjustment.
3. The submerged type sleeve valve possesses excellent ability of cavitation erosion resistance and fine performance of flow rate regulation and pressure regulation.
4. The valve adopts flow adjustment and pressure adjustment
5. The water valve has proper measure to defend against blockage and get rid of rubbish.
6. Our submerged type sleeve valve is a high-precision adjustment valve.
7. The control scope of flow rate and pressure is large, the adjustment precision is high and the noise is small, the vibration is slight

Parameters of This Submerged Type Sleeve Valve:

Nominal Diameter 200 ~ 1800 mm
Nominal Pressure 0.6 ~ 6.4 MPa
Flow Capacity 0 ~ 86400 m3/ h
Decompression Ratio 20:1
Driving Mode Pilot operated (water hydraulic), manual, electrical, hydraulic

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