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Model B16 Sleeve Valve

Model B16 Sleeve Valve

The sleeve valve is a type of valve mechanism fitted between the cylinder and piston. It is designed to provide superior performance for inline flow and pressure reduction applications. Sleeve plug valves are used to pass a controlled amount of water downstream with no damage to the immediate surroundings. Typical applications for the model B-16 sleeve valve are reducing pressure, energy consumption, turbine bypass, reservoir discharge and ground water recharge. The sleeve valve is designed with multiple sized and spaced tapered nozzles for each specific project. This design controls cavitation by directing damaging implosions away from any metallic surfaces, thus reducing vibration and noise normally associated with valves. Sleeve plug valves are ideally suited for power projects, flood control structures, irrigation facilities, and for continuous discharge flow control. Fixed-cone valves are also an effective method of aeration.

Technical Characteristics of Model B16 Sleeve Valve:
1. This sleeve plug valve has excellent anti-cavitation performance.
2. This water valve has the function of linear adjustment.
3. Our model B16 sleeve valve adopts flow adjustment and pressure adjustment
4. It is featured with fixed layout.
5. This sleeve plug valve is a high-precision adjustment valve.


Nominal Diameter 200 ~ 1800 mm
Nominal Pressure 0.6 ~ 2.5 MPa
Flow Capacity 1080 ~ 86400 m3/ h
Decompression Ratio 20:1
Driving Mode Without drive

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