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Turbine Inlet Spherical Valve

Turbine Inlet Spherical Valve

Turbine inlet spherical valve is a kind of turbine ball valve made up of stainless steel. It is mainly used in hydropower station or water supply network to control water shutoff and opening. The flow shutoff includes two steps: rotor closure and approaching of the sealing ring. The first operation is usually made by a counterweight or by oil pressure. This can be supplied by the turbine ball valve control system or by an independent power unit. The second step is made by the water pressure present in the upstream penstock. A second upstream sealing ring is often provided for maintenance. Friction loss through the open valve is practically null. Turbine inlet spherical valves can also be used to ensure a reliable flow shut off under high pressure conditions. In particular, they are required as turbine guard valves. This turbine ball valve is an ideal choice of controlling the turbine inlet valve in power station.

Technical Characteristics of Turbine Inlet Spherical Valve:
1. This turbine ball valve has the advantage of high automation.
2. Switching on and switching off are controlled by hydraulic heavy hammer. This ensures the safety and reliability of the turbine inlet valve.
3. The turbine inlet spherical valve adopts hydraulic driving mode and double-metal sealing.
4. Compact structure of the turbine ball valve can save much more space.
5. The above features give the opportunity to have reliable operations with reduced effort, no leakage and easy maintenance.
6. Nominal diameter of our turbine inlet spherical valves varies from 300 to 2000 mm. Nominal pressure ranges from 2.5 to 10MPa.

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